Coastal Sol KIDS


Our approach to kids yoga is play based, multi-sensory and rooted in child development and mindfulness.  We believe Yoga for kids taps into the physical, mental, social and emotional well being of each child. We foster that by accepting kids for who they are and helping them realize their potential.  We know that kids love Yoga because it’s fun!

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Mom & Baby Yoga and/or Pilates: a mix of movement, music, laughter and relaxation for moms and babies.  The mood of the babies and needs/desires of moms guide this class from more mom focused or a balance of mom & baby.  Movement is a blend of yoga and mat pilates.  Moms have the chance to connect with baby and other moms, rebuild their core and pelvic floor, remind their body of proper alignment while holding baby, and find release from the demands of early motherhood. 

Toddler & Me Yoga (strong walkers – age 3): a fun class for toddler & parent/caregiver.  We imagine on yoga adventures, meet animals and copy their movements (moo and arch like cows, bark and stretch like dogs…), find objects in nature and mimic them with our bodies, sing songs, play games and relax (toddlers love relaxing with a little stuffed animal on their belly).    

Preschool Yoga (age 3-5): similar to toddler yoga but this is a separated class (although we welcome a parent/caregiver if the child needs). Like toddler yoga, we use lots of puppets, props and tactile activity to inspire movement, breath, play and relaxation.

Ages 5-10: there is more choice on the part of students as they get older.  The kids can dictate part of the plan – the class could involve adventure, games tapping into mind and body, lots of partner and group poses, obstacle courses, art, music and relaxation. 

Ages 9-12: kids have more demands on all levels at this age.  Yoga is a great release mentally and physically.  It’s a noncompetitive form of strengthening and team building.  Kids internalize the mind body connection with yoga practice while having fun and winding down from their long days. 

**at each progressive age group, there is Introduction of new mindfulness activities/experiences, movement games, breathing exercises, poses and vocabulary. 


We offer monthly and bi-monthly themed classes usually on Friday evenings.  Follow us on instagram @coastalsolyoga and Facebook (Coastal Sol Yoga) for the latest pop-ups!

Pop-ups will be listed under “classes” on schedulicity.



choose any 1-4 days a week during the weeks of August 5th, 12th and 19th.

10:00-12:30, KIDS BRING LUNCH, we provide snack

$50/day or $180 for all 4 days