Adult Classes


Prenatal Yoga-lates (Yoga and Pilates): The changing female body and mind is honored and guided through a gentle and fluid practice that develops strength and energy, while also allowing you to deeply relax. Prenatal Yoga and pilates can alleviate common discomforts felt during pregnancy such as backache, leg cramps, varicosities, swelling, and stiff muscles. Practicing yoga during pregnancy brings better sleep and digestion, connection to your developing baby, and wisdom for labor and birth. Depending on the desires and needs of the class, we can do more yoga or more pilates, or a balance of both.  No experience is necessary. 

Postpartum Yoga-lates: This class is similar to prenatal yoga-lates, but with more of a focus on repairing and building pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as opening shoulders.  Postpartum moms rarely have a chance to be still and relax – we devote the end of class to a guided relaxation which allows the body, mind and spirit to settle and connect to the place within mom that is just her.  No experience necessary.   

Yoga for People Affected by Cancer:  Movement and meditation is a powerful healing tool from diagnosis through recovery.  In this class, we form community by briefly sharing where we are physically and emotionally, then we move through a fluid/gentle practice with restorative poses and end with a deep relaxation and meditation.  Often our focus is opening, grounding, accepting, recognizing our resilience and finding stillness amidst chaos.  No experience necessary. 

We also offer hatha, vinyasa, gentle and restorative yoga.